Cult A:
Polly Gannon & Liubov Zakharova, Independent Scholars
Cult B:
Why Decolonize? An Introduction

Sayan Dey, University of Witwatersrand & Danille Arendse, Stellenbosch University

Cult C:
Islam, Women, Feminism
Asma Barlas, Ithaca College
Cult D:
Intersections: Race, Gender and Sexuality

Tegiye Birey, Central European University

Cult E / Workshop A:
Diary Film, Autoethnography, and Poetic Film Writing (also Workshop C)
Masha Godovannaya, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
Cult F / Workshop B:
New Media and Journalism in (times of) peril (also Workshop D)

Razvan Sibii, UMass, Amherst

Cult G:
"Each one of us has his own rhythm of suffering"
Liza Michaeli, University of California, Berkeley
Cult H / Workshop C:
"In other Tongues" (Translation Workshop) (also Workshop B)
Akhil Katyal & Abdur Rehman Khan (with Polly Gannon)
Cult I / Workshop D:
Memories / Futurities
Masha Sokolova, University of Ljubljana, Ljubljana
Cult J / Workshop E:
Beyond Boundaries: A Feminist Manifesto for the Post-Anthropocene Epoch
Barbara LeSavoy, SUNY College at Brockport, Racelar Ho & Sarah Vollmer, University of York
Cult K:
“Intertongue”: Contemporary Poetry and/as/across Translation
Ivan Sokolov, University of California, Berkeley
Cult L:
Psychoanalysis and affect through a feminist perspective
Polly Gannon, Independent Scholar & Melis Umut, Stony Brook University