CNN live updates on Ukraine
CNN live updates on Ukraine

The Feminist Anti-War Reistance Movement creatед this "anti-lesson" as an alternative for children (and adults) to the militarization in childhood education especially visible in preparation for the May 9 Victory day celebrations.  Link to the Lesson (in Russian) 

Timothy Sndyer on Рашизм ("Ruscism")

Timothy Sndyer on Рашизм ("Ruscism")
NY Times, April 24, 2022

DOXA Closing statements (April 2 2022, in Russian)

Natasha Tishkevich Closing Statement at DOXA Trial

Alla Gutnikova Closing Statement at DOXA Trial
(Alla Gutnikova Closing Statement in English and in Serbian/Croatian/Bosnian)

Armen Aramyan Closing Statement at DOXA Trial

Volodya Metelkin Closing Statement at DOXA Trial

"The Making of Vladimir Putin" (Roger Cohen) 3/26/2022

"The Evolution of an Enigma"  Full version of Roger Cohen's extensive March 26 NYT piece on Putin's evolution from 2001 to today. Comrpehensive, good pictures, full chronology, well-written, etc, relatively unbiased. Important reading.

link to NY Times online version  (requires subscription)

**Zelensky's full 90 minute interview with Russian (opposition) journalists, 3/27/2022**

Zelensky's entire 90 minute Russian-language interview with Mikhail Zygar'; Tikhon Dyadko (Editor-in-Chief of Dozhd'/Rain); Ivan Kolpakov (Editor-in-Chief of Meduza); Vladimir Soloviev (Kommersant); and Dmitry Muratov (Nobel Prize winner, Novaya Gazeta); March 27, 2022.  In Russian.

For Russian speakers, the best way to get a true picture of Zelensky's thinking and character.

"The Problem with Bothsidesism"

"The Problem with Bothsidesism" (by Simon Pirani) (March 21, 2022)

A response to The Manifesto against the War, (by Sergio Bologna, Rüdiger Hachtmann, Erik Merks, Karl Heinz Roth, Bernd Schrader)
(Originally published in German, der Freitag, 03/14/20)

Important socialist discussion of how to view the Rusisan invasion of Ukraine. 

"The Historical Background to Putin’s Invasion of Ukraine"

"The Historical Background to Putin’s Invasion of Ukraine" by Rohini Hensman
very comprehensive

DOXA Journal website

Website of DOXA, the Moscow student journal whose editors are currently on trial (mostly in Russian, but some articles translated)

DOXA news page

Subscribe to DOXA's amazing anti-war newsletter

"Ukraine: the sources of danger of a wider war"

"Ukraine: the sources of danger of a wider war" by Simon Pirani
(People and Nature, March 21, 2022)

teaching kids about "East-Slavic Brotherhood"

Kommersant's March 11 article about new educational initiiatives to teach Russian schoolchildren about "East-Slavic Brotherhood" (in Russian)

Note esp. the final section on the negative reaction of Belorusian writers to their names being used in these educatuion programs as exampes of Slavic literary unity

and this is Kommersant (!)

Amelia Glaser on the real Ukraine

Zelensky's Ukraine is real. Putin's doesn't exist
by Amelia Glaser (3/26/2022)

Amelia Glaser is professor of literature at UC San Diego. She is the author of "Jews and Ukrainians in Russia's Literary Borderlands" and "Songs in Dark Times: Yiddish Poetry of Struggle from Scottsboro to Palestine." She is currently the Rita E. Hauser fellow at the Harvard-Radcliffe Institute, where she is writing a book about contemporary Ukrainian poetry. 
Putin's full speech, Feb. 21, 2022

The full text of Vladimir Putin's Feb. 24, 2022 speech, in English.

See for yourself whether you think this interpretation of history is acceptable, viable, accurate.