Ling A:
Language and Ethnolinguistic Political Conflict
AJ Murphy, University of South Carolina
Stanley Dubinsky, University of South Carolina
Ling B:
Introduction to Syntactic Structures
John Frederick Bailyn, Stony Brook University
Ling C:
Introduction to Formal Semantics
Ekaterina Vostrikova, University of Göttingen
Petr Kusliy, University of Göttingen
Ling D:
Introduction to Experimental Linguistics
Gert-Jan Schoenmakers, CNRS, Université Côte d'Azur
Vera Gor, Meta
Ling E:
Agreement and Concord (advanced)
Anna Grabovac, University of Maryland
Ling F:
Puzzles in Semantics I (advanced)
Masha Esipova, Bar-Ilan University
Rajesh Bhatt,
Ling G:
Puzzles in Syntax (advanced!)
Sandhya Sundaresan, Stony Brook University
Ivona Kučerová, McMaster University
Ling H:
Puzzles in Semantics II (intermediate/advanced)
Christopher Potts, Stanford University
Zahra Mirrazi,
Ling I / Cog A:
On Phonology as Cognition (Intermediate)
Alex Chabot, University of Maryland
Ling J / Cog B:
How cognitive systems communicate with each other and with the real world (advanced!)
Tobias Scheer, CNRS, Université Côte d'Azur
Ling K / Cog C:
Reduplication and the Linguistic Architecture (advanced!)
Shanti Ulfsbjorninn, Memorial University of Newfoundland
Eric Raimy, University of Wisconsin,. Madison
Ling L (also Workshop G):
Experimental linguistics (advanced): Syntactic island effects across the world (advanced!) (*LIMITED*)
Gert-Jan Schoenmakers, CNRS, Université Côte d'Azur
Ling M / Cog D (also Workshop F):
Emoji and Symbolic Language Morphosyntax
John David Storment, Stony Brook University