John Fred Bailyn, Stony Brook University, Adam Szczegielniak, University of Gdansk
Featuring NYI Visiting Linguists

Talking about Trees:

John Frederick Bailyn (Stony Brook University) Adam Szczegielniak (University of Gdansk)


Talking about Trees will look in detail at various approaches to the architectural design of how linguistic expressions (essentially sentences) are mentally constructed, with special focus on recent claims about the universality of extended “fine” projections, such as the left periphery (Rizzi 1997, 2004) and alternatives to such cartographic approaches (Van Craenenbroeck 2009, Larson 2020). We will also examine the critical change from templatic Phrase Structure systems (either PS rules (Chomsky 1957 a.o.) or X’-theory (Jackendoff 1977 and after)) to Bare Phrase Structure (Chomsky 1995, Marantz 1995). We also host discussions on phrase structure, locality, and other issues of architecture.

Participants are strongly encouraged to attend in person, with cameras on, via zoom, and also attend other NYI Univrese events.