Susi Wurmbrand, University of Vienna &
Magdalena Lohninger, University of Vienna

Ling I: Case, agreement, and raising across finite clause boundaries (advanced)

Magdalena Lohninger () Susi Wurmbrand (University of Vienna & Harvard University)
Case, agreement, and raising across finite clause boundaries (such as Hyperraising to subject or object, Long-distance case or agreement) are found in many diverse languages. The seminar provides a cross-linguistic overview of such configurations and compares them to a less restricted binding-like dependency as in Prolepsis contexts. We will single out four broad properties (selection, movement, minimality, and semantic restrictions) and show that there is a continuum of configurations making up the empirical landscape of cross-clausal A-phenomena and Prolepsis. The course will present important methodological points for disentangling different constructions, several empirical generalizations, data from diverse languages, and a theoretical implementation employing composite probes and different probing mechanisms.