Cult A: Ukrainian Voices: Poetry in a Time of Crisis

Iryna Shuvalova (Independent researcher) Yuliya Ilchuk (Stanford University) Amelia Glaser (University of California, San Diego)

Why do people write and read poems? Can poetry effect change in a society, politics, or the environment? What are possible ways of studying contemporary poetry? In this course we will look closely at contemporary Ukrainian poetry as a case study in how poetic language interacts with society. We will explore such topics as the phenomenon of East European poetry on social media, digital methods of analyzing and understanding poetic phenomena, the challenges of translation, and the changes to language during war. Students will be given optional prompts for writing poetry, and the chance to discuss their work.

This course will be jointly taught by Amelia Glaser, Yuliya Ilchuk, and Iryna Shuvalova, with additional guest lectures.