Nancy Kula, University of Essex and Andrew Nevins, UCL

Ling H: Topics in African Linguistics

Andrew Nevins (UCL) Nancy Kula (University of Essex)

This course will cover topics across linguistic theory – syntax, morphology, phonology, and where relevant, their sociolinguistic profiles – as they relate to languages spoken on the African content, from the Benue-Kwa, Bantu, and Khoe-San language families. Lectures will be given by a team of scholars who work directly with these languages, and as such are sure to provide unique opportunities for interested students to learn more firsthand.


Sat. July 2: James Essegbey (University of Florida) “Understanding The Syntax of Locations in Nyagbo”

Tues. July 5:  Kerry Jones (African Tongue) “ǂKhomani Voices”

Thurs. July 7: Nonhlanhla Ntuli (University of KwaZulu-Natal) “Multilingual language development in IsiZulu and Northern Sotho children’s comprehension”

Sat. July 9: Seunghun Lee (International Christian University) “The Sound Patterns of Bantu languages in Southern Africa”

Tues. July 12: Peter Msaka (Chancellor College, University of Malawi) “The System of Noun Classes in Bantu”

Thurs. July 14: Hannah Gibson (University of Essex) “Morphosyntactic Microvariation in Bantu”