Sayan Dey (University of Witswatersrand)

5. Thursday, January 26, 2023, 1 pm (NY): "De-metaphorizing Decoloniality"

Sayan Dey (Alliance University, Bangalore)

Since the inception of the theoretical paradigm of decoloniality, on the one side, a lot of powerful decolonial resistance movements in the forms of Fees Must Fall, Rhodes Must Fall, and various others have taken place and on the other side, the paradigm has been misinterpreted, distorted, metaphorized and appropriated to a vast extent. It is clearly visible through a lot of publications and workshops that engage with 'big talks on decoloniality, but when it questions of application arises in terms of policy transformations, curricular transformations, pedagogical transformations, and societal transformations, hardly any initiatives are taken at a planetary scale. On the basis of these arguments, Danille Arendse and Sayan Dey would unpack the various ways in which the paradigm of decoloniality functions as a metaphor and how it can be de-metaphorized from various dimensions.