Ling K: An even number of odd puzzles in Ellipsis (advanced)

Ur Shlonsky (University of Geneva) Adam Szczegielniak (University of Gdansk)

Part 1: The cartography of ellipsis and focus (Ur Shlonsky, University of Geneva)

We will use ellipsis as evidence for the structures of constituents developed in the cartographic literature. Conversely, we shall see that some puzzles in ellipsis dissolve and new predictions emerge when we look at fine-grained functional structure.

Part 2: Problematic aspects of ellipsis (Adam Sczegielniak, University of Gdansk)

In this mini-course we will explore some problematic aspects of ellipsis. After a brief discussion of current syntactic approaches to ellipsis, the course will focus on multiple remnant ellipsis (Lasnik 2013, Kotek  2018, Citko et. al 2020, Abels et al. 2022), island alleviation (Merchant 2001, Fox 2003), P-stranding (Merchant 2001, Szczegielniak 2008).  

We will discuss if there is non constituent ellipsis (Bruening 2015), or can we account for some problematic patterns involving island alleviation, multiple sluices and P-stranding violations within the current paradigm of constituent ellipsis licensed by semantic/syntactic identity.  

Time permitting we will discuss the ongoing debate between Landau 2020 and Gribanova 2017 on V-stranding ellipsis, as well as ellipsis within DP that licenses matching relative clauses (Cinque 2015, Sauerland  2006, Cinque 2020).