Workshop A:
"Venturing Your Unknown" (Poetry Workshop) (also Cult F)
Khải Đơn (Phuong Pham) Abdur Rehman Khan (with Polly Gannon)
Workshop B:
"In other Tongues" (Translation Workshop) (also Cult G)
Abdur Rehman Khan & Khải Đơn (Phuong Pham) (with Polly Gannon)
Workshop C:
Diary Film, Autoethnography, and Poetic Film Writing (also Cult H)
Masha Godovannaya, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
Workshop D:
New Media and Journalism in (times of) Peril (also Cult I)

Razvan Sibii, UMass, Amherst with Liuba Zakharova, Hamburg

Workshop E:
Sharing Stories - Building Bridges: Digital Storytelling as Academic and Activist Method (also Cult J)
Daniel Heinz, Freie Universität, Berlin and colleagues
Workshop F:
Emoji and Symbolic Language Morphosyntax (also Ling M / Cog D)
John David Storment (Stony Brook University)
Workshop G:
Experimental linguistics (advanced): Syntactic island effects across the world (advanced!) (*LIMITED*) (also Ling L)
Gert-Jan Schoenmakers (Radboud University)
Workshop H:
Memories / Futurities (also Cult K)
Masha Sokolova, University of Ljubljana