Shanti Ulfsbjorninn, University of Deusto

Ling I: The Association Line: Architectural implications, Computational implications (advanced!)

Shanti Ulfsbjorninn (Memorial University of Newfoundland)

This course builds on work by a number of people from different phonological frameworks and focuses on the humble association line. We will see how from small representational matters, we arrive at huge impacts on our analyses of the derivational and computational aspects of language as a whole. The association line needs to be used to its full potential, so that (a) all the logical configurations of ‘phonological stuff’ are available to UG, and (b) this is also applied within segments. In so doing, the proper use of the association line can lead to intuitive, transparent and modular analyses of some of the trickiest anti-modular morpho-phonological phenomena out there.

Topics: Opacity and Extrinsic Ordering, Morpho-phonological Modularity (allomorphy and itemspecific phonology), Item-and-arrangement vs. item-and-process phonology (with a special look at metathesis).

Languages to be covered: Basque, Bilbao Spanish, Fur, Ik, Lardil, Romanesco.

Introductory knowldge of both Syntax and  Phonology strongly recommended