Seminar: Ling E: Cross-Linguistic Lexicology and its Lexicographic Treatment

Danko Sipka (Arizona State University)

The present course offers a concise introduction to general and cross-linguistic lexicology, with an eye toward exploring the concepts and theories with direct relevance in applied linguistics, most notably lexicographic treatment. The course is meant to briefly cover all relevant topics while motivating its participants to further explore them upon completion of the course. The course is organized in six 75-minute sessions, the first of them being individual student work. Two kinds of readings will be prepared for this course. There will be PDF excerpts from relevant works as required readings. In addition. There will also be a commented reading list of full-length publications, where the participants can further explore particular topics covered in this course. Examples of relevant bibliographic units include: Bauer (2021), Geeraerts (2010), Goddard and Wierzbicka (2014), Halliday and Yallop (2007), Hartmann (1973), Lipka (2002), Sharifian (2017), Sipka (2015, 2019), and Weigand (1998). The course will be highly interactive: it will feature short assignments,