Seminar: Cult A:
Praying for the Enemy: Joy Harjo and Pádraig Ó Tuama
Mary (Polly) Gannon, NYI Academic Director of Critical Cultural Studies
Seminar: Cult B:
Palestinian Literature as World Literature
Kevin Potter, University of Vienna
Seminar: Cult C:
Global Folklore
Tulika Chandra, Shiv Nadar Institution of Eminence (SNU)
Abdur Rehman Khan, NYI
Seminar: Cult D:
The securitisation of cybersecurity and the role of the human factor
Kyle Bester, University of South Africa
Seminar: Cult E:
Decolonization, Spaces and Everyday Life
Danille Arendse, Stellenbosch University
Sayan Dey, Alliance University, Bangalore
Seminar: Cult F:
Trauma and Memory
Danille Arendse, Stellenbosch University
Stephen Temitope David, Stellenbosch University
Seminar: Cult G:
Politics of protest and the dynamics of race, gender and sexuality in the ongoing Russian musical exile
Dinara Yangeldina, University of Bergen
Seminar: Cult H:
Covering vulnerable and underrepresented populations in international journalism
Razvan Sibii, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Seminar: Cult I:
Afrikaaps Linguistics in South Africa: from slavery to decolonial futures
Quentin Williams, University of the Western Cape
Seminar: Cult J / Workshop A:
Placemaking: Pages, Images and Text
Dinara Asadulina, Morley House
Christos Kakouros, Central Saint Martins
Seminar: Cult K / Workshop B:
Diary Film, Autoethnography, and Poetic Film Writing
Masha Godovannaya, Smolny Beyond Borders
Seminar: Cult L / Workshop C:
Memories / Futurities
Masha Sokolova, University of Ljubljana
Seminar: Cult M:
Spirituality, Affect and the Posthuman
Mary (Polly) Gannon, NYI Academic Director of Critical Cultural Studies
Melis Umut, Stony Brook University
Seminar: Cult N / Workshop D:
Sex-critical Conversations
Alla Gutnikova, Independent Researcher
Evgeniia Skvortsova, Gasp Magazine
Seminar: Cult O:
Tegiye Birey, University of Vienna