Masha Sokolova, University of Ljubljana

Seminar: Cult L / Workshop C: Memories / Futurities

Masha Sokolova (University of Ljubljana)


This workshop will explore different aspects of memory making for/and imagined futures. We will speak about home museums and objects of memory, practice autoethnography, share experiences with photography, think about what we take to the future and what stays unarchived, and look into the bonds between past and future through sci-fi.

Meeting 1. Memories. Home museums: discourses, objects and memory making. 
Meeting 2. Memories. Childhood and remembering. 
Meeting 3. Now. Suitcases, bad memories and autoethnography. 
Meeting 4. Now. Documenting everyday. Photography.
Meeting 5. Futurities. Not everything will be taken to the future. Weeding and unarchived. 
Meeting 6. Futurities. Archiving imagined future: Hauntology, retrofuturism and sci-fi.