about Polly Gannon and Leah Lowe

"Fascinating content, manageable workload, many discussions, inspiring and highly knowledgeable professors, friendly and creative atmosphere."

"As usual, they suggested tremendously interesting pieces to read and raised very important issues for discussion! I think they talked about the things (historical, cultural details) that not many of us really knew, so that we had a chance to llok at the issues from a different angle."

about Razvan Sibii

teaching "Covering vulnerable communities in international journalism"

"Although I study Linguistics, I participated in this class more than in any other. I enjoyed every aspect of it and I started thinking differently about journalism."

"Raz is a great speaker and it was a great pleasure to listen to him. He gave us some great food for thought, tipps and suggestions for writing articles and finding stories"

"Very eye-opener course on journalists' work from the inside: how to find and confirm the information, how and where to find spokespersons. It made me look on articles from different perspective and differentiate good from bad journalism."

about Barb LeSavoy

"Barbara LeSavoy was able to create such a safe space for people to express themselves, i had a great time"

"The professor is stunning. The seminars were creative and inspiring."

"The thought provoking discussions were incredible!"