The best thing about NYI I think is the intense level of reflection and interesting discussion. My classes intersected with the lectures and the world around us. Amazing.
Having such a diverse array of teachers and students, from universities and cities all over the world, made for a unique experience and exposed me to some fascinating viewpoints.
The space for free dialogue and discussion, great courses, lectures and workshops and me trying to take part in creating an intellectual international community
The lectures cover a vast and satisfying range of topics for beginners as well as for advanced learners. Professors are amazing and able to convey their interest for the discipline they teach.
Everything was really well organized: the schedule, the materials and also the atmosphere was serious and relaxed at the same time.
NYI is that rare opportunity to connect with great minds around the world. The approach is both professional and friendly. You feel part of something valuable, great and rare
I cannot overestimate the full engagement all organisers to develop V-NYI into a virtual format. In times of the corona virus, this is a real and global achievement.
It was amazing being in a (virtual) room with students from so many different locations; it's always humbling and paradigm shifting when listening to folks from locations different from your own & working through ideas together.
A unique set of professors and lecturers, the ability to create an individual schedule based on personal scientific interests, an inspiring community of enthusiastic people from all over the world,
What I appreciated most was an opportunity to take a leap in Gender and Race studies, which are almost completely absent as a topic in our university system. It was an incomparable academic experience
The greatest thing for me was the opportunity to communicate with brilliant scholars from around the world, to look from a more global perspective at burning contemporary issues
V-NYI gave me the opportunity to get informed about the latest methods of research in modern cultural studies (which are not widely discussed in Russia yet)
It was my first international experience academically. It was wonderful and enriching time
NYI has given me so much motivation to continue studying linguistics...which is priceless in times of the covid pandemic when we are struggling with a decrease in motivation and depression...
I value critical thinking and challenging the domination of situated knowledge in order to decolonise the knowledge production.
The best thing about V-NYI was the opportunity to engage with researchers and fellow students all over the world. The classes were really diverse.
New approaches to traditional problems in the humanities
What I loved most about V-NYI was the interactive aspect of the classes. The teachers were always willing to discuss the content covered in class after the seminar was over,
I love how inspiring NYI is. Everybody’s loving what they’re doing and it makes you excited for knowledge too.
I valued having an opportunity to not only gain the insights of professors I look up to, but interact with students across the globe. It was honestly the perfect experience..
The democratic process of learning and communication.
Learning about new things, ideas, concept and topics. Meeting new people from all over the world and making new friends. And I always wanted to attend Prof David Pesetsky syntax class. So THANK YOU V-NYI team for making my dream come true. ;)
What an opportunity to listen to people working in my field! It's vital to listen to other scholars, which we miss so much since March 2020 Loved the international students and staff. I learned a lot!
The most valuable thing about VNYI is the range of important classes I had access to. I am sure that someone like me would not have access to this unless I enroll in a big expensive uni. So, thank you for the grant and thank you for all your efforts. Loved it.
What I valued most about V-NYI was how people crave dialogue. Professors, students - it was important for everyone to exchange opinions and information and have an open discussion. And the NYI-V program gives you a chance not only to answer questions, learn something new but also to listen to people from all over the world. After NYI, my head was bursting with ideas and further questions and new answers. I haven't felt so inspired in a long time!
In V-NYI, even though the meetings were virtual, they made me feel like we were there, physically. V-NYI brings the whole world of students and professors together. This is a true melting pot of culture, language and cognition!
I have been part of NYI since 2019 and it definitely one of the best things in my professional life. I learned so much about different topics, but the most important, I learned that we should never stop learning and that we should not limit ourselves to only one topic, different fields should and must be connected. Also, NYI is one of the best things for me privately because it gave me the opportunity to feel such energy and atmosphere that is really unique in the academic world. NYI remains a constant inspiration for me!