Cult A:
Ukrainian Voices: Poetry in a Time of Crisis
Amelia Glaser, University of California, San Diego, Yuliya Ilchuk, Stanford University, & Iryna Shuvalova, Independent researcher
Cult B:
Women in Film
Dijana Jelača, Brooklyn College
Cult C:
Contemporary Statelessness and the Status of the Human
James McFarland, Vanderbilt University
Cult D:
“There is no blood in our flag"
Yola Monakhov Stockton & Hanae Utamura (Buffalo State College and University of Rochester)
Cult E:
Social Justice Journalism: The challenges of covering vulnerable populations

Razvan Sibii, UMass, Amherst

Cult F:
Sex in Public: Feminist Resistance and a Politics of Belonging
Barb LeSavoy, SUNY College at Brockport
Cult G:
Political Psychotherapies
Nikolay Karkov, SUNY Cortland
Cult H:
Diary Film, Autoethnography, and Poetic Film Writing
Masha Godovannaya, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
Cult I:
Colonialism and the Way it has Shaped the World We Now Live In
Eugene Hammond, Stony Brook University
Cult J:
“Borders (No), Boundaries, Transfigurations”
Polly Gannon, Independent Researcher and Translator & Melis Umut, Stony Brook University
Cult K:
Paul Celan and Martin Heidegger: A Broken Dialogue
Ivan Sokolov, UC Berkeley
Special Lecture Series:
Dialogues on Solidarity: Decolonizing sexuality and power

Polly Gannon, Independent Scholar & Translator
Olga Sasunkevich, University of Gothenburg
Katharina Wiedlack, University of Vienna