Lüba Zakharova and Lölja Nordic (with Polly Gannon) (Hamburg, Berlin)

Seminar: Cult H: Just Eco: Eco-justice/Eco-feminism in our World House

Lölja Nordic (Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien) Liuba Zakharova (Hamburg)

In a world that seems to be going up in flames, can we dare to look to the future? In a world of endless crises, can we spare a thought for our environment? And in the midst of normalised patriarchal and imperialist violence, can we really zoom in on feminism or ecology? We argue that in the midst of ongoing struggles, now is precisely the moment for a profound reconsideration and re-imagination of our approaches to resistance. This course will explore ecofeminism as one of the perspectives for a more intersectional approach to our research, activism and lives. We will weave together the theoretical aspects of ecofeminism with the practical dimensions of organising and activism, and the integration of ecofeminist principles into everyday life. Our goal? To see the interconnectedness of all the struggles of all creatures and ultimately of the Earth. To find our strength in all the feelings associated with this discovery - ecogrief, ecoanger, ecorage. To find knowledge from the practices and approaches that existed before. Our seminar will include participatory written and spoken responses and engagements from an ecofeminist perspective, addressing the urgent and ongoing struggles for racial, gender and ecological justice amidst interlocking forms of assault on human and more than human bodies in our world home.