1. Tuesday, January 9:
"Collaborating with Indigenous Peoples: Ethics of decolonial feminist anthropology"
Diana Fox, University of the West Indies/Bridgewater State University
2. Wednesday, January 10:
"Performing Memories and Weaving Archives: A Book Talk"
Sayan Dey, Alliance University, Bangalore
3. Thursday, January 11:
"Gesture. Decolonial Forms and Anthropology's Shadow"
Joseph M. Pierce, Stony Brook University
4. Friday, January 12:
"Performing race, gender, and sexuality in Russian hip-hop"
Dinara Yangeldina, University of Bergen
5. Monday, January 15:
"Movement Solidarities: The Value-Form and the Intensity of Migrant Poetics"
Kevin Potter, University of Vienna
6. Tuesday, January 16:
"Decolonizing Dialogue: Language activism"
Marsel Ganeyev, Independent Scholar
Valerii Ilinov, Komi Daily
Sargylana Kondakova, Free Yakutia Foundation
7. Wednesday, January 17:
"Queer everyday lives in digitalized spaces"
Sung Un Gang, Technische Universität, Berlin
8. Thursday, January 18:
"Towards Afrikaaps Decolonial Communication practices: mapping non-racial linguistic futures"
Quentin Williams, University of the Western Cape