Seminar: Cult E: Decolonization, Spaces and Everyday Life

Danille Arendse (Stellenbosch University) Sayan Dey (Alliance University, Bangalore)
This co-taught advanced seminar of six lectures will reflect on how to put the philosophy of decolonization into practice in daily life through decolonizing different structural, institutional, individual, collective and emotional spaces around us. The seminar will comprise of three lectures by Dr. Danielle Arendse which will introduce the phenomenon of decolonization and decoloniality in details. Danielle's lectures would be followed by three lectures by Dr. Sayan Dey which carry forward the introductory discourses towards the aspect of decolonizing colonial spaces around us. In order to facilitate these discussions, the readings would focus on decolonial theories, methdologies, and philosophies on the one side and on decolonizing universities, museums, walkways, beaches, and cafeterias on the other.