Ling A:
Introduction to Syntax
Paulina Lyskawa, The Arctic University of Norway in Tromsø & Maša Bešlin, University of Maryland
Ling C:
Introduction to Morphology
Maria Gouskova, New York University
Ling D:
Universals in Phonology
Shanti Ulfsbjorninn, University of Deusto
Ling E:
Introduction to Formal Semantics
Rajesh Bhatt, Umass Amherst &
Roumyana Pancheva & Luismi Toquero Perez, USC
Ling H:
Global Ethnolinguistic Conflict
Stanley Dubinsky, University of South Carolina
Ling I:
Case, agreement, and raising across finite clause boundaries (advanced)
Susi Wurmbrand, University of Vienna &
Magdalena Lohninger, University of Vienna
Ling J:
Missing words and missing worlds (advanced)
Zahra Mirrazi, UMass Amherst &
Hedde Zeijlstra, Georg-August-University in Göttingen
Ling K:
Phase Theory (advanced)
Adam Szczegelniak, Independent Researcher
Ling L:
Topics in Predication (advanced)

Marcel den Dikken, ELTE & Hungarian Research Centre for Linguistics (Week 1) & Ur Shlonsky, University of Geneva (Week 2)

Ling/Cog B:
Experimental Linguistics
Vera Gor, Meta & Gert-Jan Schoenmakers, Radboud University
Ling/Cog F:
Modules, Interfaces and some consequences for linguistics (advanced)
Tobias Scheer, CNRS, Université Côte d'Azur
Ling/Cog G:
Topics in Music Cognition: Expertise, Memory, and Emotion

Nicole Calma-Roddin, New York Institute of Technology & Jonah Katz, West Virginia University