with Liuba Zakharova, Löjlja Nordic, Arshak Makichyan, Bermet Borubaeva, Heidi Hutner, and Polly Gannon

Cult A: Just Eco: Eco-justice/Eco-feminism in our World House

Mary (Polly) Gannon (NYI Academic Director of Critical Cultural Studies) Liuba Zakharova (Hamburg)

Just a glimpse of the future now being prepared for our planetary home can easily overwhelm us with fear. It is tempting to create a little space for ourselves, away from the flood, away from the fire, and hope that it is safe, that you can forget what you have seen and what you know in your heart: we are connected and the future is in our hands.

    How can we see the interconnectedness of all the struggles of all creatures and ultimately of the Earth?
    We will try to find our power in all the feelings associated with this discovery: ecogrief, ecoanger, ecorage.
    How can we find within ourselves the power to learn with an open mind, to see with open eyes and to feel with an open heart
    How can we stand shoulder to shoulder with each other and act?

Our seminar will feature participatory written and spoken engagements with prominent thinker-activists—feminists, artists, ecologists, anti-war activists—who are defining, from an ecofeminist perspective, the urgent and ongoing struggle for eco-justice amid interlocking forms of assault on human and more-than-human bodies in our World House.