Nina Feygl Semushina, University of Chicago with Irene Bolumar-Martinez, Anjana Lakshmi, and Saule Tuganbaeva

Seminar: Ling A: Language and Gesture

Irene Bolumar Martínez (University of Chicago / University of Murcia) Anjana Lakshmi (University of Chicago) Nina Feygl Semushina (University of Chicago) Saule Tuganbaeva (University of Chicago)
The goal of this class is to elucidate the relationships between language (signed or spoken) and gesture. Does gesture help us learn? Can gesture express things that language doesn’t? Do signers gesture? We will discuss these questions in this course, co-taught by researchers from Susan Goldin-Meadow Lab at the University of Chicago.  (Nina Feygl Semushina, Irene Bolumar Martinez, Anjana Lakshmi, and Saulé Tuganbaeva)